Extra Funding Conditions

Selected students and/or staff with fewer opportunities can apply, with the help of the Erasmus Office, for additional grant support to the National Agency in order to cover the supplementary costs for their participation in the mobility activities.

A person with fewer opportunities is a potential participant whose personal, physical, mental or health-related conditions is such that his/her participation in the project/mobility action would not be possible without extra financial or other support.

By signing the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education, EUC commits to ensuring equal access and opportunities to participants from all backgrounds.

Erasmus+ grants may be higher than the regular study, traineeship or staff grants to offset the specific difficulties faced by the participant. The additional support grant, which is a contribution based on real costs, may cover expenses such as:

  • adapted accommodation fitting the needs of the student at the host residences
  • travel assistance
  • medical attendance
  • supportive equipment
  • adaption of learning material, (note – taking, Braille texts, etc)
  • an accompanying person for students and staff with disabilities

Extra funding for students and staff with physical, mental or health-related conditions may be provided also from other sources at local, regional and/or national level.

Requests for additional grant support must be communicated to the Erasmus Office via email, prior to the start of the mobility, supported by:

  • A statement from a doctor or other authority confirming the special needs, its severity, the impact on the Erasmus+ mobility, additional requirements and additional costs to be met.
  • A detailed estimate of costs is required.
  • Information on any other sources of financial support that the student receives and why this is insufficient to cover extra costs.

If the application is approved, the National Agency will specify a maximum supplementary allowance. Upon completion of the Erasmus+ period, a final report of expenditure will be required.

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