Before the Mobility

  1. Invitation letter forwarded to you by the Host Institution.  The dates of your mobility should be clearly mentioned. It could be an invitation email.
  2. Staff Mobility for Teaching Mobility Agreement:  The document should be completed in agreement with the Host Institution.  It should be signed by both Host and Home Institutions before the mobility take place.
  3. Detailed Daily Program of the visit:  the minimum of 8 teaching hours per week should be covered during your visit.  Please note that any free days within your visiting program may be considered as “interrupted days” and may not be funded by the Erasmus+ Program.
  4. Grant Agreement of Staff Mobility for Teaching will be sent to you by the Erasmus Office once the Staff Mobility for Teaching Mobility Agreement is duly signed.  The Grant Agreement should be signed before the mobility.
  5. Bank Accounts details: name of the bank, SWIFT Code, IBAN
  6. Departure air ticket and boarding pass: Please note that the travel allowance concerns only your departure from Cyprus (sending Institution’s location) to your mobility destination and not from any other country. 

After the Mobility

  1. ERASMUS Teachers’ Mobility CertificateThe document should be signed by the Host Institution by the end of your mobility and submitted to the Erasmus Office.
  2. Online Final Report/EU Survey. By the end of your mobility the European Commission will send you via email the Online Final Report, which you should complete and submit online.  The soonest you submit it, a PDF of the completed form will be sent to your email.  You should forward the PDF to the Erasmus Office.
  3. Teacher’s ReportThe document should be completed and submitted to the Erasmus Office by the end or your mobility.
  4. Arrival air ticket and boarding pass:  Both arrival and departure should be submitted to the Erasmus Office upon your return to Cyprus.
  5. Photos of your trip.


General information

  1. Please note that your mobility is subject to the approval of your Erasmus leave from the HR Department. 
  2. In case you would like to terminate your mobility plans, the Erasmus Office must be informed immediately in writing.
  3. The booking of tickets and accommodation is your responsibility.