You may gain valuable international experience that will look great in your CV by participating in an Erasmus+ traineeship period for 2 to 12 months.

The traineeship period may be realized while being a student or a recent graduate, up to one year after your graduation.

You may receive an Erasmus grant for studying and/or being trained abroad totaling up to 12 months maximum per each cycle of study (Bachelor, Master, Doctoral degrees)

The duration of a traineeship for recent graduates counts towards the total 12 months maximum of the cycle during which they apply for the traineeship.


  • You must have completed 60 ECTS (1st year) of studies.
  • You must have a GPA of 2.3 and above.
  • Priority for funding will be given to candidates applying for a traineeship to a country different from their country of origin.

As recent graduates:

  • You must have completed all requirements towards your degree.
  • You must have a balanced tuition account at European University Cyprus.
  • Participants that will choose as a mobility destination their country of origin will be considered as zero-grant participants and will not receive the Erasmus+ Scholarship

Where do traineeships take place?

Receiving organizations for traineeships can be any public or private organizations active in the labor market. With the exception of Organizations managing EU programmes (such as National Agencies, European Commission) to avoid possible conflict of interest and/or dual funding.

Technical Requirements!

  • Traineeship must be on a full time basis (35hours+ per week, max 40).
  • Minimum duration 2 months.
  • The participant must have adequate insurance coverage.
  • In case of a graduate applicant, the application procedure should start before his/her graduation.
  • The applicant must have agreed on a traineeship with a company or organization beforehand.
  • If the traineeship is a pertinent part of the applicant’s degree, it will be credited in the applicant’s degree, only upon approval from his/her academic advisor.

Application Deadlines:

Students interested in participating in the Erasmus+ Program for Traineeship should submit to the Erasmus Office:


July 5th, if interested in a traineeship mobility during the Fall Semester.

November 5th, if interested in a traineeship mobility during the Spring Semester.

April 5th, if interested in a traineeship mobility during the Summer Session.

Only duly signed forms will be considered eligible. Deadlines will be strictly followed!